Baptism at Munn's

What does Baptism mean?

In the United Church of Canada, baptism is welcome. By baptism, a person becomes a member of the universal Christian church, and of Munn’s United in particular. It is by baptism that we are included in the people of God, a community of loving Christian folk in whose presence we grow in faith and by whom we are supported.

The sacrament of baptism is also a celebration of the love and tender mercy of God that is poured out on each of our lives. We affirm that each of us is precious in God’s sight. We also affirm that we are people of potential, and that God values us and counts us as worthwhile. Great things can happen in this world because we are who we are!

Baptism ShellWhen and how does Baptism happen?

Baptism is celebrated during Sunday worship. Usually, arrangements can be made to accommodate family schedules. At Munn’s, we celebrate baptism as part of our regular worship as it helps us focus on the precious life that is joining us, and to whom we are promising loving support.

The act of baptism happens when water is placed on the forehead of the person being baptized. This water is a symbol of the love of God, of God’s power to renew and refresh us, and of God’s desire to cleanse us.

Rev. Kate and Lila
At what age does Baptism happen?

Most often, babies or toddlers are the ones who are baptized. However, baptism is not restricted to these wee ones. Older children have been baptized, and it has been a meaningful time for them and for their families. Adults have chosen baptism for themselves. Their personal desire to belong to God’s church, and their sharing in the planning of their baptism, have made the sacrament a rich spirit-time.

What is the role of parents and god parents?

Parents are asked questions during the baptism of their infants and children:

We know that the parents’ faith is a key influence in the spiritual life of their children. We also know that a just and loving home is a wonderful and positive influence on children, a gift that they take into their peer relationships.

God parents are chosen by some families, and not by others. Family tradition seems to play a significant role in this choice. God parents are a question if they will accept the role of adult friend/mentor, play with and pray for their god child, and offer to their god child the good example of their own lives.

Is there an alternative to baptism?

Yes - Munn's does offer what is called a Baby Blessing.

As part of the community of North Oakville our minister offers these to anyone who desires these services. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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