Munn’s Unified Board & Committees
Chair: Mary Parsons
Secretary: Rae-Ann Springgay
Treasurer: Ted Robinson
Ministry and Personnel: Janice Sidney
Trustees: Gayle Redshaw
Worship, Music and Spiritual Development: Lahring Tribe
Finance and Property: Ted Robinson
Committee for Social Justice: Mary Beth Neibert
Pastoral Care: Lynne Watson
Community Development: __________
Representative to Halton Presbytery: Lahring Tribe

Committees are an important part of the culture at Munn’s and essential to the church’s ongoing administration. Committees also provide an opportunity for those with particular strengths and talents to find a way to use these gifts and be more connected to the church. If you would like more information about any of these committees or are interested in becoming a member of one of them please contact [email protected].

Conference room
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