Our History

Munn's describes itself as spirited, progressive and inclusive.

There is no accurate date for the first organization of the Munn’s congregation. What we do know is that, in July 1803, the first tree was cut by settler Daniel Munn to create a farm at what would later be called Munn’s Corners (Sixth Line and Highway #5). Tradition has it that the congregation was founded in 1823 at Daniel Munn’s home, but a reference in a letter dated November 1817 and the existence of the Munn’s Cemetery across Highway 5 from the church suggest that there was already some kind of Methodist religious community from which the Munn’s congregation was born.

Jordan Munn, son of Daniel, donated the land for the erection of a church building (the present site of Munn’s United Church) and a wooden church was dedicated in October 1844. The only description of the original wooden church building is a photograph of it taken fifty years after it was built. On the porch of this structure stands another son of Daniel who had rejoiced in the name King Henry Munn! Land was eventually also donated for a parsonage and the congregation was called “Parsonage Church” for the next forty years until the name “Munn’s” re-appeared in 1885. With the union of the Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregationalist churches in 1925, the United Church of Canada came into being and the congregation officially became Munn’s United Church.

In 1898 a new brick church building was dedicated, costing the then enormous sum of $3000. It was “state of the art”, with a basement, gallery and acetylene gas lighting. The extension of the choir loft occurred in 1920. In the mid-1970s the Province announced its intention to widen Highway #5 and in subsequent negotiation with Munn’s agreed to move the church building back 40 feet. This agreement included a new basement, well and septic system. The Manse was replaced with a parking lot, and a new manse built in an Oakville subdivision (since sold). The growth of the Munn’s congregation and the shortage of space initiated the building of the present Church Hall, Sunday school and church offices in 1989. Explosive growth in the area of North Oakville and the widening of Dundas Street has initiated many years of the congregation looking towards their Christian identity in the emerging neighbourhoods. Throughout its history Munn’s has enjoyed many long term serving ministers. In 2016 we find ourselves once again in negotiation with Halton Region as they prepare to widen the Dundas Street corridor in front of our church.

We celebrate our past, minister with the community of North Oakville in the present, and look to the future with the hope and tenacity of our pioneering families..

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